Are any classes included? We have 2-3 small projects included, they have not been determined yet. They time allotted for these projects is 3hrs, although they usually take less than two to complete. One of these projects will be sponsored by our sewing machine vendor with very few quilters at a time, so you can get more personal time on the machines.

Are other classes available and do you have an approximate cost for those classes? Yes, there are other optional classes. They include a fully pre-cut kits most of the classes are 6hrs total, taught in 3hr blocks. The cost of the classes, including the kit and instructors fees are typically between $50 and $120. The shorter class will be under $65, the longer classes average closer to $100.

How much time is actually available per person for quilting? In addition to class time, we have open sewing at night in one of our rooms with 14-16 machines you can bring a project from home or buy something at our onboard quilt shop (if available). On some of our cruises, we will visit a quilt shop in every port… on the Panama Cruise, if you come in to Fort Lauderdale a day or two early, we will have a visit to at least one quilt shop.

How do we arrange open sewing time?  We assign people to open sewing sessions to make sure they get time, but many people do not show up for the open sewing times, so if you see an open machine and want to work, you are welcome to it, but if someone who is assigned comes in, we try to accommodate you somewhere else.

Are the machines available during certain hours or 24 hours a day? Because the sewing machine are very valuable and our sewing machine vendors need to be on call, we lock the classrooms at 10pm and while we are in port.

What costs are not included? Other costs you will incur: gratuities (approx. $11/day) this is added to your shipboard account, but you can opt out and tip people with cash. Wine, beer, spirits, soda, spa services, shore excursions. Airline tickets, ship transfers, pre or post cruise packages. Travel insurance.

Should I bring my Cell Phone?There are several reasons to bring your cell telephone with you on the cruise:

  • If you run into delays, you can call your cruise agent, airline, limo service, etc. without standing in line for a telephone
  • You can make calls on the day you return. A cell phone is great for calling a cab or a ride from home, or making arrangements with friends who are already ashore
  • Many ports have cellular service so that you can make calls directly without finding a phone booth


Check with your cellular provider before you leave your home, you may be able to adjust your plan to cover your calls if you are out of the country.

Also, the ship may have its’ own cellular service. Even if you are docked in a US port, chances are you will be paying for their roaming signal. If you think you will turn on your phone at all, it is best to turn off the roaming feature before you board.

Smart phones are frequently set up to receive data automatically, be sure to disable this feature or you could incur massive data roaming charges.

What should I pack? Here are a series of packing lists and tips: Vacation Checklist;  Alaska Cruise Packing Tips; Women’s Packing List; Men’s Packing List

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